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ACI CCS-0(16) Concrete Fundamentals

ACI CCS-0(16) Concrete Fundamentals

Price: $33.95

Product Code: 9781942727637

ISBN: 9781942727637


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: ACI

This book is intended for anyone who wants an introduction to concrete and concrete construction. Craftsmen in the concrete field may find it particularly useful as a guide for good practice. The now soft-cover book has been made more affordable to allow for greater use as a teaching, training/development, and convenient reference tool for the concrete industry.

It is easily accessible and ideal as a required course textbook or company on-boarding tool. This is one of six books in the Concrete Craftsman Series published by the American Concrete Institute.

“CCS-0: Concrete Fundamentals,” starts with the most basic question of all, “What is concrete?” Other sections cover materials, basic construction practices, and testing. This book is a good starting point for someone in the concrete industry, whether they are an apprentice, a journeyman, a foreman, a material supplier, or even a young engineer without field experience. This book is not a design aid but rather a guide to good practice.

The design of concrete structures is the responsibility of a professional engineer. Designs are usually reviewed and approved by local building authorities and are governed by codes such as the International Building Code (IBC), or other local building codes that usually reference “Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete (ACI 318) and Commentary.” This book is not a replacement for these documents. Plans and specifications for a specific project, and local building code requirements are required to be followed, even if they differ from the information in this book.

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