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ACCA - Understanding Section 608

This set has everything you need to help you pass the EPA Certification Test

ACCA - Understanding Section 608

Price: $214.95

Product Code: 210-0631-08


Binding: CD-ROM

Publisher: ACCA

This 5-CD set is everything you need to pass the required EPA certification test! This handy tool, taught by noted instructor Jack Rise, is a convenient resource for any HVACR library so you can always get new employees certified quickly and inexpensively. Eliminate the need to send employees out for day-long training sessions in refrigerant handling.

Each part also includes handouts, sample questions, and answer sheet in PDF format.

Part 1 The Core Defines the refrigerants that are regulated and the types of certifications that are required under Section 608. The Stratospheric and Tropospheric Ozone layers are distinguished. The results of ozone depletion are discussed. The Montreal Protocol and the necessary record keeping are explained. Permitted refrigerant releases and penalties for noncompliance are examined. Refrigerant replacements, blends and their required oils are detailed.

Part 2 - The Core A continuation of Part 1, this CD deals with the basic refrigerant circuit and highlights the components and state of the refrigerant as it moves through a vapor compression system. Recovery, recycling and reclamation are defined and discussed in detail. Leak checking and evacuation procedures are determined. ARI, ASHRAE and DOT standards are examined. Refrigeration safety and disposal of refrigeration cylinders are reviewed.

Part 3 - Small Appliances Prepares the student for the Type I certification exam. Small appliances are defined. Recovery methods are reviewed that can be applied to small appliances. Recovery levels, speed and the necessary paperwork are all evaluated.

Part 4 - High and Very High Pressure Refrigerants Prepares the student for the Type II certification exam. High and Very High Pressure Refrigerants are defined. MVAC-like equipment is discussed and distinguished. Leak detection and resolution are detailed. Recovery methods and requirements are reviewed for Type II appliances. Major repairs are defined. Relevant safety standards are reviewed.

Part 5 - Low Pressure Refrigerants Prepares the student for the Type III certification exam. Low pressure appliances are defined. Refrigerant and water leak detection and resolution are detailed. Recovery methods, as well as evacuation procedures are outlined. Components specific to low pressure centrifugal chillers are discussed for both the equipment and the recovery machines used.

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