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Standard Estimating Practice - 11th Edition Three Volume Set

Standard Estimating Practice - 11th Edition Three Volume Set

Price: $209.95

Product Code: 9781588552310

ISBN: 9781588552310


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: BNi Publications

Now available! Fully revised 11th Edition in Three Volumes. Includes FREE digital download of the 2024 BNi General Construction Costbook (a $150.95 value).Save over $75 when you order the entire 3-volume set! Please call us at (888) 264-2665 to receive the free digital download of the 2024 BNi General Construction Costbook.

This comprehensive three-volume reference thoroughly covers the full scope of construction cost estimating—from basic concepts to advanced topics. Written by a team of experts in the field, under the guidance of the American Society of Professional Estimators, it will help professionals working in every area of construction make sure their estimates are accurate, consistent, and verifiable. While the entire reference serves as a fully integrated guide, each volume stands alone with its own individual focus, and each volume can be purchased separately.

Volume I Principles of Estimating - General Principles of Estimating
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The first volume of this reference gives you a firm foundation in the basics of estimating and then builds on these fundamentals to give you a solid grasp of more advanced topics such as Value Engineering and BIM. You’ll get clear, step-by-step procedures for a wide range of essential tasks: from scoping out the job to bid-day procedures. This volume also provides sample spreadsheets and forms, as well as two bonus chapters on trade and conceptual estimating.

Volume II Trade Estimating - Detail Estimating for the Trades
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The focus of this volume is traded estimating. Using dozens of real-life case studies, it demonstrates how to estimate tasks and processes that are difficult to quantify such as erosion control and power generation. Using the CSI MasterFormatTM as a roadmap, it explores all the factors that affect pricing in excavation, carpentry, masonry, electrical work, plumbing, HVAC, roofing, tiling, and much more. Along the way it provides you with checklists, plans, specs, and sample spreadsheets to help you fully grasp the nuances of each specific type of trade estimating.

Volume III Conceptual Estimating - Conceptual Estimating for Entire Building Structures
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The final volume of this reference is dedicated to the topic of conceptual estimating. It provides you with an exhaustive array of case studies of such diverse projects as auditoriums, fire stations, parking garages, and dozens more. For each case study, you are taken on a “deep dive” into all the unique challenges it presents to the estimator. You are then shown how to quantify components, special factors to consider, risks/pitfalls to watch out for, and typical ratios that provide handy “rules of thumb.” In addition, you’ll find sample sketches and spreadsheets that give you a professional approach to this important part of the construction process. Written by practicing estimating professionals with years of experience, this volume is a “must-have” for anyone who must provide preliminary prices or budgets before the plans are even ready.

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