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2018 Significant Changes to the IPC/IMC/IFGC

See the significant changes to the IPC, IMC, & IFGC with this guide!

2018 Significant Changes to the IPC/IMC/IFGC

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Binding: Paperback

Publisher: International Code Council

Construction Book Express brings to you the 2018 Edition of the Significant Changes to the International Plumbing Code / International Mechanical Code / International Fuel Gas Code!


International Plumbing Code
(IPC Chapter 1–Appendix G)

  • Duties and Powers of the Code Official
  • Approvals for Materials, Research Reports, and Equipment
  • Temporary Equipment, Systems, and Uses
  • Ball Cock (Definition)
  • Depth of Water Seal (Definition)
  • Protection Against Physical Damage and Required Pan
  • Shower Liner Test
  • Minimum Number of Required Plumbing Fixtures
  • Number of Occupants of Each Sex and Fixture Calculations
  • Required Public Toilet Facilities and Access
  • Directional Signage
  • Prohibited Locations (Drinking Fountains)
  • Floor Drains
  • Commercial Food Waste Grinder Waste Outlets
  • Tempered Water for Public Hand-Washing Facilities, Bathtub, and Whirlpool Bathtub Valves, Fill Valves, and Application of Backflow Preventers
  • Water Supply Riser
  • Shower Lining and Sheet-Applied, Load Bearing, Bonded, Waterproof Membranes
  • Approval, Urinals
  • Clearances for Maintenance and Replacement
  • Requirements for Discharge Piping
  • Requirements for Discharge Piping
  • Water Distribution System Design
  • Water Service Pipe and Water Distribution Pipe
  • Water Service Pipe and Pipe Fittings
  • Water Distribution Pipe
  • Pipe Fittings
  • Mechanical Joints (for PEX)
  • PE-AL-PE, PEX-AL-PEX, and Mechanical Joints
  • Copper or Copper-Alloy Tubing to Galvanized Steel Pipe
  • Valves and Outlets Prohibited Below Grade
  • Identification of Potable and Nonpotable Water
  • Protection of Backflow Preventers and Relief
  • Port Piping
  • DWV for Polyvinylidene Fluoride Plastic
  • Dead Ends
  • Drainage Fixture Units for Fixtures and Groups
  • Clear Water Waste Receptors
  • Where Required and Food Utensils, Dishes, and Pots and Pans Sinks
  • Vent Stack Required
  • Horizontal Wet Vent Permitted
  • Dry Vent Connection, Horizontal Wet Vent, and Vertical Wet Vent
  • Prohibited Installations, Air Admittance Valves
  • Trap Seals
  • Grease Interceptors and Automatic Grease Removal Devices
  • Backwater Valves
  • Building Storm Sewer Pipe and Pipe Fittings
  • Sizing of Water Piping Systems

International Mechanical Code
(IMC Chapters 1–15)

  • Appointment, Deputies, Liability
  • Previous Approvals
  • Inspection and Testing
  • Temporary Equipment, Systems, and Uses
  • Public Garages
  • Clearance from Grade for Appliances
  • Equipment and Appliances on Roofs or Elevated Structures
  • Condensate Drain Sizing
  • Ventilation and Exhaust Systems—Scope
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Zone Outdoor Airflow
  • Outdoor Airflow Rate
  • System Outdoor Airflow
  • Pressure Equalization
  • Domestic Clothes Dryer Ducts
  • Common Exhaust Systems for Clothes
  • Dryers Located in Multi-Story Structures
  • Domestic Kitchen Exhaust Makeup Air
  • Grease Duct Cleanouts and Other Openings
  • Grease Duct Enclosures
  • Type II Terminations
  • Type I and Type II Hoods
  • Clearances for Type I Hood
  • Minimum Fasteners
  • Smoke Detection System Supervision
  • Dampers for Duct and Air Transfer Openings/Where Required
  • Combustion Air
  • Chimneys and Vents
  • Prohibited Sources of Outdoor or Return Air for Forced-Air Warm-Air Furnaces
  • Locking Access Port Caps
  • Refrigerant Classification
  • Industrial Occupancies and Refrigerated Rooms
  • Refrigerant Piping Locations
  • Hydronic Piping
  • Thermal Barrier Required

International Fuel Gas Code
(IFGC Chapters 1–8)

  • Appointment, Deputies, Liability
  • Previous Approvals
  • Definition of Appliance
  • Appliances in Attics and Under Floors
  • Prohibited Locations
  • Underground Penetration Prohibited
  • Piping in Solid Floors
  • Sediment Trap
  • Appliance Shutoff Valve
  • Maximum Length of Connectors
  • Domestic Clothes Dryer Ducts

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