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2018 International Performance Code for Buildings and Facilities

Stay in code for the performance of buildings and facilities!

2018 International Performance Code for Buildings and Facilities

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ISBN: 9781609837532


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: International Code Council

Introducing the 2018 ICC Performance Code for Buildings and Facilities (ICCPC) from the International Code Council!

This is the code you need if you are measuring the performance of current buildings and structures. Be sure to check out the user guide located at the second part of the book so you know exactly how to apply this code.

Table of Contents

Part I – Administrative

Chapter 1 – General Administrative
Intent and Purpose
Administrative Provisions
Acceptable Methods

Chapter 2 – Definitions
Defined Terms

Chapter 3 – Design Performance Levels
Minimum Performance
Use and Occupancy Classification
Performance Groups
Maximum Level of Damage to Be Tolerated
Magnitudes of Event

Chapter 4 – Reliability and Durability

Part II – Building

Chapter 5 – Stability
Structural Forces

Chapter 6 – Fire Safety
Sources of Fire Ignition
Limiting Fire Impact

Chapter 7 – Pedestrian Circulation
Means of Egress
Transportation Equipment

Chapter 8 – Safety of Users
Hazardous Materials
Hazards From Building Materials
Prevention of Falls
Construction and Demolition Hazards
Emergency Notification

Chapter 9 – Moisture
Surface Water
External Moisture
Internal Moisture

Chapter 10 – Interior Environment
Climate and Building Functionality
Indoor Air Quality
Air-borne and Impact Sound
Artificial and Natural Light

Chapter 11 – Mechanical
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Equipment (HVAC)
Piped Services

Chapter 12 – Plumbing
Personal Hygiene
Domestic Water Supplies
Waste Water

Chapter 13 – Fuel Gas
Fuel Gas Piping and Vents

Chapter 14 – Electricity

Chapter 15 – Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency

Part III – Fire

Chapter 16 – Fire Prevention
Fire Prevention

Chapter 17 – Fire Impact Management
Fire Impact Management

Chapter 18 – Management of People
Management of People

Chapter 19 – Means of Egress
Means of Egress

Chapter 20 – Emergency Notification, Access and Facilities
Emergency Notification, Access and Facilities

Chapter 21 – Emergency Responder Safety
Emergency Responder Safety

Chapter 22 – Hazardous Materials
Hazardous Materials

Part IV – Appendices

Appendix A – Risk Factors of Use and Occupancy Classifications
Functional Statements
Use and Occupancy Classification

Appendix B – Worksheet for Assigning Specific Structures to Performance Groups
Risk Factor

Appendix C – Individually Substantiated Design Method

Appendix D – Qualification
Characteristics for Design and Review of Performance-based Designs

Appendix E – Use of Computer Models

User’s Guide
User’s Guide Table of Contents

Be sure to purchase your copy of the 2018 ICC Performance Code for Buildings and Facilities today!

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