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2018 International Building Code - Looseleaf

Preorder your copy of the 2018 International Building Code - Looseleaf Edition!

2018 International Building Code - Looseleaf

Price: $225.95

Product Code: 3000L18

ISBN: 3000L18


Binding: Looseleaf

Publisher: International Code Council

This loose leaf version of the 2018 International Building Code by the International Code Council contains all the updates you need for the 2018 year whether you are designing, building, remodelings, modifying, retrofitting or even demolishing any built structure. The loose pages of this version of the IBC allow you to take only what you need. The convenience you experience goes a long way.

There are many updates to this year’s International Building Code. Here are a few changes to take note of:

  • Occupancy loads for businesses is now revised to one occupant per 150 feet
  • Revisions to fire resistant corridor requirements for elevator hoistway door openings
  • Revision to fire wall usage in regards to creating separate buildings
  • Medical gas system and higher education laboratory now have new code sections
  • Accessory storage space permittance is revised to now allow the space to be classified as part of the occupancy in which they are an accessory
  • #2 Southern Pine design values are now allowed to solid sawn lumber header and girder spans
  • Periodic special inspection is now applied to five-foot tall wood trusses to see if the required bracing is installed
  • Change in wind speed terminology has been applied (i.e., basic design wind speeds are now called ultimate design wind speeds)
  • And much, much more!

In general the 2018 IBC offers you information on administration and enforcement of building safety, building code definitions, use and occupancy classification, construction classification, fire-resistance ratings and fire tests, fire-resistance rating of structural members, interior finishes, insulation, wall and ceiling finishes, floor finishes, automatic sprinkler systems, fire pumps, accessibility routes and entrances, parking and passenger loading facilities, dwelling and sleeping units, recreational facilities, energy efficiency, exterior walls, roof assemblies and rooftop structures, and much more!

Preorder your copy of the 2018 International Building Code Loose Leaf Edition and stay up-to-date with any building code requirements!

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