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2018 International Building Code

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2018 International Building Code

Price: $198.95

Product Code: 3000S18

ISBN: 9781609837358


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: International Code Council

Introducing the 2018 International Building Code. This is the complete building code in all its glory updated to the year 2018. Inside this soft cover version of the IBC you will find many changes from the previous 2015 edition.

These changes include:

  • Accessory storage space classification
  • Medical gas system and high education laboratory code sections
  • Fire wall usage
  • Elevator hoistway door openings
  • Occupant load factor revision
  • Live loads on decks and balconies
  • Minimum lateral load requirements
  • Wind speed map updates (including for the state of Hawaii)
  • Ultimate design wind speeds are now known as basic design wind speeds
  • The newest generation of ground motion attenuation equations now have corresponding site soil coefficients
  • Requirements of periodic special inspection is applied to five-foot tall wood trusses
  • The construction of mechanically laminated decking now as a new alternative fastener schedule
  • Reduced span length is applied to solid sawn lumber header and gird spans
  • And much, much more!

There are also two specific changes in regards to the design and construction of covered mall buildings:

  • Exit Passageway Revision (G77 and G78)—This revision states “Where exit passageways provide a secondary means of egress from a tenant space, the exit passageway shall be constructed in accordance with Section 1024.”
  • Property Line FS-15—This revision addresses the allowance of property lines between mall buildings and anchor buildings within an actual mall building.

In general, this is the source if you are designing, building, modifying, or even demolishing built structures. You will find a great amount of useful information. This ranges from building safety, fees, violations, regulations, inspections, occupancy classifications, types of construction, requirements, fire protection systems, smoke protection features, energy efficiency, accessibility, roof assemblies and rooftop structures, structural design, and much, more!

Preorder your copy of the 2018 International Building Code today!

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