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2017 City of Los Angeles Residential Code Complete

Stay up-to-code for residential structures in Los Angeles!

2017 City of Los Angeles Residential Code Complete

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Binding: Looseleaf

Publisher: International Code Council

Introducing the Complete 2017 City of Los Angeles Residential Code. When this edition you get both the 2016 California Residential Code, Title 24, Part 2, Volumes 1 & 2; and the 2017 City of Los Angeles Residential Code Amendments. This is the complete package if you are designing, building, modifying, or using any structures in the City of Los Angeles.

It gives you the codes for applying the safety and efficiency standards in regards to the building.

Table of Contents of the 2016 California Residential Code

Part I — Administrative

Chapter 1 Scope and Application

Division I — California
1 . 1 General
1.2 Reserved
1.3 Reserved
1 .4 Reserved
1.5 Reserved
1.6 Reserved
1.7 Reserved
1.8 Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD)
1.8.2 Authority and Abbreviations
1.8.3 Local Enforcing Agency
1.8.4 Permits, Fees, Applications and Inspections
1.8.5 Right of Entry for Enforcement
1.8.6 Local Modification by Ordinance or Regulation
1.8.7 Alternate Materials, Designs, Tests and Methods of Construction
1.8.8 Appeals Board
1.8.9 Unsafe Buildings or Structures
1.8.10 Other Building Regulations
1.9 Reserved
1.10 Reserved
1.11 Office of the State Fire Marshall
1.12 Reserved
1.13 Reserved
1.14 Reserved

Division II — Administration
R101 General
R102 Applicability
R103 Department of Building Safety
R104 Duties and Powers of the Building Official
R105 Permits
R106 Construction Documents
R107 Temporary Structures and Uses
R108 Fees
R109 Inspections
R110 Certificate of Occupancy
R111 Service Utilities
R112 Board of Appeals
R113 Violations
R114 Stop Work Order
Part II — Definitions

Chapter 2 Definitions
R201 General
R202 Definitions
Part III — Building Planning and Construction

Chapter 3 Building Planning
R300 Site Drainage
R301 Design Criteria
R302 Fire-resistant Construction
R303 Light, Ventilation and HeatingVentilation and Heating
R304 Minimum Room Areas
R305 Ceiling Height
R306 Sanitation
R307 Toilet, Bath and Shower Spaces
R308 Glazing
R309 Garages and Carports
R310 Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings
R311 Means of Egress
R312 Guards and Window Fall Protection
R313 Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems
R314 Smoke Alarms
R315 Carbon Monoxide Alarms
R316 Foam Plastic
R317 Protection of Wood and Wood-based Products Against Decay
R318 Protection Against Subterranean Termites
R319 Site Address
R320 Accessibility
R321 Elevators and Platform Lifts
R322 Flood-resistant Construction
R323 Storm Shelters
R324 Solar Energy Systems
R325 Mezzanines
R326 Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs
R334 Construction Waste Reduction, Disposal and Recycling
R335 Special Provisions for Licensed 24-hour Care Facilities in a Group
R336 Large Lamily Day-care Homes
R337 Materials and Construction Methods For Exterior Wildfire Exposure
R337.1 Scope, Purpose and Application
R337.2 Definitions
R337.3 Standards of Quality
R337.4 Ignition Resistant Construction
R337.5 Roofing
R337.6 Vents
R337.7 Exterior Covering
R337.8 Exterior Windows and Doors
R337.9 Decking
R337.10 Accessory Structures
R338 Electric Vehicle
R340 Pollutant Control

Chapter 4 Foundations
R401 General
R402 Materials
R403 Lootings
R404 Eoundation and Retaining Walls
R405 Foundation Drainage
R406 Foundation Waterproofing and Dampproofing
R407 Columns
R408 Under Floor Space

Chapter 5 Floors
R501 General
R502 Wood Floor Framing
R503 Floor Sheathing
R504 Pressure Preservative-treated Wood Floors (on Ground)
R505 Cold-formed Steel Floor Framing
R506 Concrete Floors (on Ground)
R507 Exterior Decks

Chapter 6 Wall Construction
R601 General
R602 Wood Wall Framing
R603 Cold-formed Steel Wall Framing
R604 Wood Structural Panels
R605 Particleboard 2
R606 General Masonry Construction
R607 Glass Unit Masonry
R608 Exterior Concrete Wall Construction
R609 Exterior Windows and Doors
R610 Structural Insulated Panel Wall Construction

Chapter 7 Wall Covering
R701 General
R702 Interior Covering
R703 Exterior Covering

Chapter 8 Roof-ceiling Construction
R801 General
R802 Wood Roof Framing
R803 Roof Sheathing
R804 Cold-formed Steel Roof Framing
R805 Ceiling Finishes
R806 Roof Ventilation
R807 Attic Access

Chapter 9 Roof Assemblies
R901 General
R902 Roof Classification
R903 Weather Protection
R904 Materials
R905 Requirements for Roof Coverings
R906 Roof Insulation
R907 Rooftop-mounted Photovoltaic Systems
R908 Reroofing
R909 Rooftop-mounted Photovoltaic Panel Systems
R918 Solar Photovoltaic Panels/Modules

Chapter 10 Chimneys and Fireplaces
R1001 Masonry Fireplaces
R1002 Masonry Heaters
R1003 Masonry Chimneys
R1004 Factory-built Fireplaces
R1005 Factory-built Chimneys
R1006 Exterior Air Supply

Part IV — Energy Conservation

Part V — Mechanical

Part VI — Fuel Gas

Part VII — Plumbing

Part VIII — Electrical

Part IX — Referenced Standards

Chapter 44 Referenced Standards

Appendix A Sizing and Capacities of Gas Piping

Appendix B Sizing of Venting Systems Serving Appliances Equipped With Draft Hoods, Category I Appliances, and Appliances Listed for Use With Type B Vents

Appendix C Exit Terminals of Mechanical Draft and Direct- Vent Venting Systems

Appendix D Recommended Procedure for Safety Inspection of An Existing Appliance Installation

Appendix E Manufactured Housing Used as Dwellings
AE101 Scope
AE102 Application to Existing Manufactured Homes and Building Service Equipment
AE201 Definitions
AE301 Permits
AE302 Application for Permit
AE303 Permits Issuance
AE304 Fees
AE305 Inspections
AE306 Special Inspections
AE307 Utility Service
AE401 Occupancy Classification
AE402 Location on Property
AE501 Design
AE502 Foundation Systems
AE503 Skirting and Perimeter Enclosures
AE504 Structural Additions
AE505 Building Service Equipment
AE506 Exits
AE507 Occupancy, Eire Safety and Energy Conservation Standards
AE600 Special Requirements for Foundation Systems
AE601 Footings and Foundations
AE602 Pier Construction
AE603 Height of Piers
AE604 Anchorage Installations
AE605 Ties, Materials and Installation
AE606 Referenced Standards

Appendix F Passive Radon Gas Controls
AF101 Scope
AF102 Definitions
AF103 Passive Radon-Resistant

System Requirements

Appendix G Piping Standards for Various Applications
AG101 Plastic Piping Standards
AG102 Referenced Standards

Appendix H Patio Covers
AH101 General
AH102 Definition
AH103 Exterior Walls and Openings
AH104 Height
AH105 Structural Provisions
AH106 Special Provisions for Aluminum Screen Enclosures in Hurricane-Prone Regions

Appendix I Private Sewage Disposal
AI101 General

Appendix J Existing Buildings and Structures
AJ101 Purpose and Intent
AJ102 Compliance
AJ103 Preliminary Meeting
AJ104 Evaluation of an Existing Building
AJ105 Permit
AJ201 Definitions
AJ301 Repairs
AJ401 Renovations
AJ501 Alterations
AJ601 Reconstruction

Appendix K Sound Transmission
AK101 General
AK102 Air-borne Sound
AK103 Structural-borne Sound
AK104 Referenced Standards

Appendix L Permit Fees

Appendix M Home Day Care-R-3 Occupancy

Appendix N Venting Methods

Appendix O Automatic Vehicular Gates
AO101 General
AO102 Definition
AO103 Automatic Vehicular Gates

Appendix P Sizing of Water
Piping System
AP101 General
AP102 Information Required
AP103 Selection of Pipe Size
AP201 Selection of Pipe Size

Appendix Q Reserved

Appendix R Light Straw-clay Construction
AR101 General
AR102 Definitions
AR103 Nonbearing Light Straw-clay Construction
AR104 Thermal Insulation
AR105 Referenced Standard

Appendix S Strawbale Construction
AS101 General
AS102 Definitions
AS103 Bales
AS104 Finishes 636
AS105 Strawbale Walls — General
AS106 Strawbale Walls — Structural
AS107 Fire Resistance
AS108 Thermal Insulation
AS109 Referenced Standards

Appendix T Recommended Procedure For Worst-case Testing Of Atmospheric Venting Systems Under N1 102.4 or N1105 Conditions
T101 Scope
T202 General Definitions
T301 Testing Procedure

Appendix U Solar-Ready Provisions— Detached One- and Two- Eamily Dwellings, Multiple Single-eamily Dwellings (Townhouses)
U101 Scope
U102 General Definitions
U103 Solar-ready Zone

Appendix V Swimming Pool

Safety Act

Appendix W Areas Protected by The Facilities on the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan


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