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2015 Uniform Solar Energy and Hydronics Code

Use the latest Uniform Solar Energy and Hydronics Code to provide a safe and functional solar energy system with minimum regulations.

2015 Uniform Solar Energy and Hydronics Code

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Publisher: IAPMO

Users of the 2015 Uniform Solar Energy Code are urged to strive for not just the minimum good solar energy system, but to keep the consumer in mind. With the exception of “high use and wear portions” of the system, the solar energy system should have the same life as other components of the building.

Here you’ll find what the code requires for all solar energy construction and installation and repair. This Code applies to the erection, installation, alteration, addition, repair, relocation, replacement, additions to, use or maintenance of the solar systems.

The use of this document is intended to provide a safe and functional solar energy system with minimum regulations. An American National Standard IAPMO/ANSI USEHC 1-2015

Significant changes to the USEHC include:

  • New attic installation provisions that address the length of passageway, width of passageway, work platform, lighting and convenience outlet.
  • New safety device provisions for components subjected to high pressures, and vacuum conditions.
  • New freeze protection provisions.
  • Revised heat exchanger requirements.
  • New piping provisions that address piping materials and the identification of piping.
  • New provisions for valves.
  • Revised and updated joint and connection requirements.
  • New requirements for storage tanks that address provisions for relief valves, temperatures, and piping.
  • New provisions for expansion tanks.
  • New provisions for solar collectors.
  • New Chapter 9 that addresses solar thermal systems provisions for swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs.
  • New electrical provisions for the installation of solar photovoltaic energy systems based on NFPA 70.

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