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2006 IBC Nonstructural Q&A Application Guide

The newly updated 2006 Edition of the IBC Nonstructural Q&A Application Guide

2006 IBC Nonstructural Q&A Application Guide

Price: $45.95

Product Code: 9781580016735

ISBN: 9781580016735


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: ICC

The 2006 IBC Nonstructural Q&A Application Guide provides more than 440 answers to the most commonly asked questions related to topics in the 2006 International Building Code (IBC), specifically Chapters 1–12, 14, 15, 24, 29, and 30. In addition, the guide includes numerous helpful photographs and illustrations. This essential resource provides a clear understanding of both the intent and meaning of the code text, and addresses code provisions frequently encountered during design, plan review and the construction process. 200 pp.

This updated 2006 edition features:

  • More than 50 new questions and answers on accessibility topics
  • More than 50 questions and answers regarding fire resistive construction
  • New questions and answers on elevators, exterior walls, penthouses
  • More questions on occupancy determination, mixed occupancies, specialty occupancies and buildings
  • A new index that lists by code section all the related questions and answers throughout the book Code sections are reprinted for easy reference, followed by questions and answers pertaining to the particular section.

Some of the questions covered are:

  • What is the occupancy of a dance studio for 15 children between ages 5 and 15?
  • If I build a control area, can I have hazardous materials outside of the control area?
  • If a fire wall is also a bearing wall, is structural stability compromised if it supports floor framing members?
  • Do I have to use atrium standards every time I open large openings between two stories?
  • Is a ceiling radiation damper required for bathroom fan that penetrates a rated ceiling?
  • In a mixed occupancy building can the sprinkler system be limited to the Group R fire area?
  • Is a four-story building required to have a standby powered elevator as a required accessible means of egress?
  • What is the relationship between common path of travel and travel distance limitations?
  • Are Type A and Type B dwelling and sleeping units just subcategories of Accessible Units?
  • Do the sinks provided in an employees’ break room have to be accessible?
  • What code section tells me when I need an elevator in a building?
  • Has the use of wired glass been prohibited?

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