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Welding is most often used in shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing and repair, aerospace, and thousands of other manufacturing activities. Construction Book Express carries the publications you need for your welding purposes.

Welding Skills, 5th Edition

Welding Skills, 5th Edition - $132.00

Product Code: 9780826930842

ISBN: 9780826930842

Binding: Hardcover/CD

The newly updated 5th Edition of Welding Skills

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Welding Skills Workbook, 5th Edition

Welding Skills Workbook, 5th Edition - $40.00

Product Code: 9780826930859

ISBN: 9780826930859

Binding: Workbook

Review sections, application activities and much more!

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Modern Welding, 11th Edition

Modern Welding, 11th Edition - $157.50

Product Code: 9781605257952

ISBN: 9781605257952

Binding: Paperback

The updated 11th edition of Modern Welding

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Modern Welding Lab Manual, 11th Edition

Modern Welding Lab Manual, 11th Edition - $39.95

Product Code: 9781605257976

ISBN: 9781605257976

Binding: Paperback

Provides a variety of lab experiences to supplement the text

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Arc Welding, 8th Edition

Arc Welding, 8th Edition - $66.95

Product Code: 9781605251899

ISBN: 9781605251899

Binding: Paperback

The write-in design of the text facilitates self-paced learning and evaluation of student progress

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