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Whether your expertise lies in conventional wood frame construction or steel roofing, Construction Book Express has the books, manuals, guides, and training videos to keep you up to date. Master the complexities of structural design and advanced framing with these hands-on expert publications.

Taunton’s for Pros By Pros: Framing Roofs

Taunton’s for Pros By Pros: Framing Roofs - $17.95

Product Code: 9781561585380

ISBN: 9781561585380

Binding: Paperback

Discover what it takes to master the craft of roof framing

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The Complicated Roof - A Cut and Stack Workbook

The Complicated Roof - A Cut and Stack Workbook - $19.95

Product Code: 9780945186014

ISBN: 9780945186014

Binding: Workbook

You'll see firsthand how to determine angles and calculations for the actual cuts

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Roofing Instant Answers

Roofing Instant Answers - $49.95

Product Code: 9780071387125

ISBN: 9780071387125

Binding: Paperback

Roofing Instant Answers helps you solve problems quickly and efficiently!

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Basic Roof Framing DVD

Basic Roof Framing DVD - $79.95

Product Code: RF 1001-DVD


Binding: DVD

The informative Basic Roof Framing video now on DVD

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Advanced Roof Framing - Video

Advanced Roof Framing - Video - $79.95

Product Code: 1270CBE


Binding: Video

A practical roof framing application video for the professional!

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