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Carpentry includes jobs involved in constructing, altering, and repairing buildings and structures, fittings, panels, partitions, and other wood or wood substitutes. We carry a wide selection of the many carpentry publications, references, and codes that a carpenter must follow and adhere to.

Carpentry, 7th Edition

Carpentry, 7th Edition - $194.95

Product Code: 9781337798198

ISBN: 9781337798198

Binding: Hardcover

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Opportunities in Carpentry Careers

Opportunities in Carpentry Careers - $13.95

Product Code: 9780071476065

ISBN: 9780071476065

Binding: Paperback

It's never too late to start a career in carpentry!

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Framing a House

Framing a House - $21.95

Product Code: 9781600851018

ISBN: 9781600851018

Binding: Paperback

This comprehensive, accessible, and highly visual book walks readers through this complicated process with ease.

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Rough Framing Carpentry

Rough Framing Carpentry - $26.95

Product Code: 9780934041867

ISBN: 9780934041867

Binding: Paperback

The #1 framing carpentry reference since 1993!

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Carpentry, 6th Edition

Carpentry, 6th Edition - $194.95

Product Code: 9781133607366

ISBN: 9781133607366

Binding: Paperback

This text provides a unique blend of all the need-to-know information for both traditional and up-to-date construction practices!

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