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BNi Building News publishes costbooks that detail construction costs in areas including General Construction, Public Works, Facilities Management, Home Building, and much more. Construction Book Express carries every BNi Costbook that you need.

BNI Home Remodeler’s Costbook 2018

BNI Home Remodeler’s Costbook 2018 - $95.95

Product Code: 9781557019363

ISBN: 9781557019363

Binding: Paperback

BNi Home Remodelers Costbook: Quick and accurate home remodeling cost estimates!

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BNI Home Builders Costbook 2018

BNI Home Builders Costbook 2018 - $91.95

Product Code: 9781557019349

ISBN: 9781557019349

Binding: Paperback

BNi Home Builders Costbook: the easy way to estimate the cost of all types of residential construction projects!

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BNI Remodeling Costbook 2018

BNI Remodeling Costbook 2018 - $99.95

Product Code: 9781557019356

ISBN: 9781557019356

Binding: Paperback

BNi Remodeling Costbook - Quickly and easily develop accurate cost estimates for every remodeling project.

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BNI Square Foot Costbook 2018

BNI Square Foot Costbook 2018 - $94.95

Product Code: 9781557019387

ISBN: 9781557019387

Binding: Paperback

A New BNi Costbook with detailed square-foot costs based on a wide range of actual projects. Available Now!

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