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Paint Contractor's Manual

Paint Contractor's Manual
Item #: 9780910460460
Author: Dave Matis, Jobe H. Toole
Publisher: Craftsman
Format: Paperback
Your Price: $34.00

The Paint Contractor's Manual will give you the information you need for running a painting business
How to start and run a profitable paint contracting company: getting set up and organized to handle volume work, avoiding mistakes, squeezing top production from your crews and the most value from your advertising dollar. Shows how to estimate all prep and painting. Loaded with manhour estimates, sample forms, contracts, charts, tables and examples you can use. 224 pp.

Paint Contractor's Manual - Table of Contents:

  • Getting Organized
    • Company Goals
    • Money to Meet Your Goal
    • The Organization Board
    • Company Meetings
    • A Good Policy
  • Finding and Keeping the Right People
    • Buying Experience and Skills
    • Rewards and Incentives
    • Taxes and Insurance
    • When to Give Pay Raises
    • The Chain of Command
    • Accidents
    • When to Fire
    • Employee Dishonesty
  • Putting on a Good Face
    • Trust is Basic
    • Show Them You're a Professional
    • Rely on Written Agreements
    • Keep a Job Log
    • Write an Operations Statement
    • The Contractors' Image
  • Getting the Word Out
    • Know Your Company
    • Know Your Public
    • Writing Promotional Copy
    • Promotional Avenues
    • Mass Mailings
    • Promotion and Gross Income
  • Introduction to Estimating
    • The Basics of Estimating
    • Custom Jobs
    • Time and Material Estimates
    • Estimating Steps
    • List Prices
    • Estimating Tips
    • Estimating Labor
    • Estimating Stainwork
    • Estimating Forms
    • Reading Blueprints
    • Estimating by the Square Foot
    • Sample Estimate
    • Manhour Tables
    • Checklists
  • Planning the Job
    • Work Schedule
    • The Role of a Foreman
    • The Field Supervisor
    • Job Scheduling Board
    • Satisfying the Client
    • Plan for Safety
    • Plan for the Right Equipment
  • Preparing to Paint
    • Paint Selection
    • The Right Tools
    • The Right Brush for the Job
    • Rollers
    • Setting Up the Shop Area
    • Getting the Room Ready
    • Preparing Specific Surfaces
    • Exterior Preparation
  • Doing the Painting
    • Painting with Flat Paint
    • Brushing on Flat Wall Paint
    • Rolling Flat Paint
    • Spraying Flat Paint
    • Painting with Enamel
    • Painting Doors
    • Painting Windows
    • Staining
    • Stripping
    • General Painting Tips
  • Planning for Your Company
    • Financial Planning
    • A System of Accounts
    • Setting Up Your Accounts
    • Payment Ledgers
    • Collecting Your Money
    • Job Financial Summary
  • Planning for Growth
    • Grow Gradually to Avoid Overextension
    • Expansion is Limited by Resources
    • Taking Gradient Steps
    • Increasing Profits, Not Volume
    • Find Your Level of Competency
    • Look for Profitability
    • Learn to Say "No" Blank Forms
    • Paint Shopping List
    • Common Materials Estimate
    • Equipment Estimate
    • Estimate Summary
    • Payment Ledger Sheet
    • Job Financial Summary Index

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