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Mastering the NEC 2002, 12 Volume DVD Set

Mastering the NEC 2002, 12 Volume DVD Set
Item #: DVD46-02
Author: W Marketing
Publisher: W Marketing
Format: DVD
Your Price: $499.00

Now you can learn the 2002 NEC digitally on 12 DVD discs

There's no way you can memorize all of the hundreds of rules and regulations in the 2002 NEC, but you will certainly be better prepared to remember what you need to use in your daily work with the help of this great DVD series,  Mastering the NEC 2002. The videos can be used to train and retrain electrical staff, and run from 75 to 90 minutes each. Each DVD in the series is packed with information that effects your daily work.

The 12 individual discs in this set include:

  • Basic Electrical DC Calculations
  • Basic Electrical AC Calculations
  • NEC Residential Wiring Code
  • NEC Residential Service Calculations
  • Commercial & Industrial Service Calculations
  • Ampacities & Derating
  • Overcurrent Protection, Continuous Loads, Transformers and Tap Rules
  • Understanding Grounding Part 1
  • Understanding Grounding Part 2
  • Raceways, Boxes & Cabinets: Fill & Dimensions
  • NEC Motor Circuits Understanding Article 430
  • Understanding The Second Half of Code
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