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International Plumbing Code 2012 - Paperback

International Plumbing Code 2012 - Paperback
Item #: 3200S12
Publisher: ICC
Format: Paperback
Your Price: $59.95

Includes the 2012 International Private Sewage Disposal Code!

Updated for 2012, this new edition of the 2012 ICC International Plumbing Code is a must-have resource for anyone in the plumbing industry and related, and will help you stay in compliance with minimum regulations for plumbing facilities. Covering a wide range of topics that include new and innovative products, materials, and systems, this edition also includes the 2012 International Private Sewage Disposal Code as a companion document.

Important changes to the IPC include:

  • Requirements for the design of a Siphonic Roof Drainage System have been added.
  • Gray water recycling requirements have moved to the body of the code in a new Chapter 13.
  • “Hydro-mechanical” and “Gravity” are the new terms for the two general types of grease interceptors.
  • Air admittance valves complying with standard ASSE 1049 are now allowed for venting chemical waste systems.
  • The length of a combination waste and vent system is now unlimited.
  • The Single Stack Vent System method has been added.
  • The code expands on suitable materials for pressurized sewage discharge applications and ratings.
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