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2011 National Electrical Code (NEC), Paperback

2011 National Electrical Code (NEC), Paperback
Item #: 9780877659143
Publisher: NFPA
Manufacturer Item #: 7011SB
Format: Paperback
Your Price: $89.50

Update your NEC Code collection with the 2011 NEC!

2011 National Electrical Code (NEC), Paperback

Technology is always advancing-are you up to date with the latest NEC changes? Get the new 2011 National Electrical Code direct from NFPA and stay up-to-code!

The 2011 NEC is the ultimate resource for professionals in construction, electrical and inspection trades, and comprises all the newest, up to date changes and revisions to the National Electric Code. The 2011 NEC has been adopted as the industry standard in all 50 states, and provides comprehensive information of the requirements and standards for electrical wiring and equipment, as well as new requirements for workplace safety.

The 2011 NEC also covers new technologies and incorporates vital information in response to consumer demand for alternate energy, green technologies, and IT equipment:

  • New Article 694 has first-time requirements for small wind electric systems.
  • Revised Article 625 includes updates on safe battery charging for plug-in hybrid vehicles that reduce the risk of explosion.
  • Revised Article 705 covers interconnecting generators, windmills, and solar and fuel cells with other power supplies.
  • New Article 840 addresses the increased demand for broadband communications systems with requirements for wireless, routers, and wireless disconnects.

New requirements focused on workplace safety include:

  • Means to reduce incident energy (240.87)
  • Labeling at subpanels to identify feeder supply source (408.4(B))
  • Disconnecting means for transformers (450.14)

Get first-time provisions on electrical installations over 600 volts.

New Article 399 incorporates requirements for overhead distribution systems for large electrical system users, such as school or business campus settings.

Bottom line: The 2011 NEC sets a new benchmark for safe electrical design, installation, and inspection. If you're involved with electrical safety, staying up-to-code is not optional -- it’s essential! (Softbound, Approx. 875 pp., 2011).

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