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345 Solved Seismic Design Problems (SESP5), 5th Edition

345 Solved Seismic Design Problems (SESP5), 5th Edition
Item #: 9781591261612
Author: Majid Baradar, PE
Publisher: Professional Publications
Format: Paperback
Your Price: $68.95

The newly updated 5th Edition of 345 Solved Seismic Design Problems

345 Solved Seismic Design Problems is designed provide you with a thorough review of important seismic design concepts, and enable you to better and more quickly solve the problems on the actual exam. This useful study aid will build your confidence, improve your problem-solving skills, and assess your knowledge of essential seismic concepts. Presenting both conceptual and technical questions on structural analysis and code issues, this exam prep tool also references the 2006 International Building Code (which contains the same material and section codes as Volume II of the 2007 California Building Code) and the 2005 Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures. 168 pp.

Perfect for the:

  • California Special Civil Seismic Examination
  • California Structural Engineer Seismic Examination
  • NCEES Civil PE Examination
  • NCEES Structural PE Examinations
  • Architect Registration Examination (ARE)

Topics Covered Include:

  • Seismology principles, earthquake characteristics, and basic structural dynamics
  • Codes and regulatory provisions
  • Diaphragm theory
  • Details of structures\
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