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Entourage, 4th Edition

Learn the techniques to bring your designs to life with Entourage, 4th Edition

Entourage, 4th Edition

Price: $59.95

Product Code: 9780071407243

ISBN: 9780071407243


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

The 4th edition of Entourage is an essential resource for all design professionals. This the premier tracing file serves as a useful tool for commercial artists, architects, draft persons, interior designers and graphic designers, making it easier than ever to create persuasive and stunning architectural presentations that will bring your designs to life.

The new 4th edition of Entourage also contains a huge assortment of entourage figures that will allow you to present your ideas with more lifelike realism, effectively convey the function of each depicted project., and easily find the right scale, dress, posture, size and style in seconds.

This trusted resource features:

  • 64 color pages with photographic images that have been digitally enhanced and masked word provide maximum benefit to all users.
  • Tips and techniques for working in the Photoshop software, the most popular image manipulating software on the market.
  • Expanded how-to information for working with layouts and altering digital images.
  • A convenient organization based on type of figure and size, with figures ranging from trees to people to the latest model boats and cars.
  • Examples of how professionals can render the use of their drawings with entourage elements.
  • Plenty of plants, outdoor furnishings and other features for responding to the trend toward more environmentally correct designs.
  • Figure drawing that will reflect a more diverse population.

This text also provides information on how to create your own entourage file of images. This includes where to search, how to develop and how to photograph figures in order to use them with your illustrations. There is no other single resource that will add to the success of your architectural drawings like this newly expanded 4th edition. 376 pp.

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