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AISC Design Guide 10: Erection Bracing of Low-Rise Structural Steel Frames (1997)

Adhere to the standards set forth in AISC Design Guide 10

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Binding: Paperback

Publisher: AISC

AISC Design Guide 10 covers the design of temporary lateral support systems and components for low-rise buildings. Part One includes detailed engineering calculation for the justification of temporary bracing systems. Part Two provides prescriptive systems for temporary bracing as well as engineering guidance to foster structural details that are inherently erectable.

AISC Design Guide 10: Erection Bracing of Low-Rise Structural Steel Frames (1997) - Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
    • Types of Systems
    • Current State of the Art
    • Common Fallacies
    • Use of This Guide

  • Part 1 Determination of Bracing Requirements by Calculation

    • Introduction to Part
    • Construction Phase Loads for Temporary Supports
      • Gravity Loads
      • Environmental Loads
        • Wind Loads
        • Seismic Loads

      • Stability Loads
      • Erection Operation Loads
      • Load Combinations

    • Resistance to Construction Phase Loads by the Permanent Structure

      • Columns
      • Column Bases
      • Fracture of the Fillet Weld Connecting the Column to the Base Plate
      • Bending Failure of the Base Plate
      • Rupture of Anchor Rods
      • Buckling of the Anchor Rods
      • Anchor Rod Pull or Push Through
      • Anchor Rod Pull Out
      • Anchor Rod “Push Out” of the Bottom of the Footing
      • Pier Bending Failure
      • Footing Over Turning
      • Tie Members
        • Wide Flange Beams
        • Steel Joists
        • Joist Girders
        • Use of Permanent Bracing
        • Beam to Column Connections
        • Diaphragms

    • Resistance to Design Loads Temporary Supports

      • Wire Rope Diagonal Bracing
      • Wire Rope Connections
        • Projecting Plate
        • Bent Attachment Plate
        • Anchor Rods

      • 53 Design of Deadmen

        • Surface Deadmen
        • Short Deadmen Near Ground Surface

  • Part 2 Determination of Bracing Requirements Using Prescriptive Requirements

    • Introduction to Part
    • Prescriptive Requirements
    • Prescriptive Requirements for the Permanent Construction
    • Prescriptive Requirements for Erection Sequence and Diagonal Bracing

  • References
  • Acknowledgements
  • Appendix

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