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ACI 309R-05: Guide for Consolidation of Concrete

Learn all of the proper techniques for the consolidation of concrete with ACI 309R-05.

ACI 309R-05: Guide for Consolidation of Concrete

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Binding: Paperback

Publisher: ACI

Consolidation is the process of removing entrapped air
from freshly placed concrete. Several methods and techniques are available,
the choice depending on the workability of the mixture, placing conditions,
and degree of air removal desired. Some form of vibration is usually
This guide includes information on the mechanism of
consolidation and gives recommendations on equipment, characteristics, and
procedures for various classes of construction. 35 pp.

309R-05: Guide for Consolidation of Concrete - Table of Contents:

  • General, p. 309R-2
  • Effect of mixture proportions on consolidation, p. 309R-3
    • Mixture proportions
    • Workability and consistency
    • Workability requirements
  • Methods of consolidation, p. 309R-4

    • Manual methods
    • Mechanical methods
    • Methods used in combination
  • Consolidation of concrete by vibration, p. 309R-5

    • Vibratory motion
    • Process of consolidation
  • Equipment for vibration, p. 309R-6

    • Internal vibrators
    • Form vibrators
    • Vibrating tables
    • Surface vibrators
    • Vibrator maintenance
  • Forms, p. 309R-13

    • General
    • Sloping surfaces
    • Surface blemishes
    • Form tightness
    • Forms for external vibration
  • Recommended vibration practices for general construction, p. 309R-15

    • General
    • Procedure for internal vibration
    • Adequacy of internal vibration
    • Vibration of reinforcement
    • Revibration
    • Form vibration
    • Consequences of improper vibration
  • Structural concrete, p. 309R-19

    • Design and detailing prerequisites
    • Mixture requirements
    • Internal vibration
    • Form vibration
    • Tunnel linings
  • Mass concrete, p. 309R-20

    • Mixture requirements
    • Vibration equipment
    • Forms
    • Vibration practices
    • Roller-compacted concrete
  • Normal-density concrete floor slabs, p. 309R-22

    • Mixture requirements
    • Equipment
    • Structural slabs
    • Slabs on ground
    • Heavy-duty industrial floors
    • Vacuum dewatering
  • Pavements, p. 309R-24

    • General
    • Mixture requirements
    • Equipment
    • Vibration procedures
    • Special precautions
  • Precast products, p. 309R-27

    • General
    • Mixture requirements
    • Forming material
    • Choice of consolidation method
    • Placing methods
  • Structural low-density concrete, p. 309R-28

    • General
    • Mixture requirements
    • Behavior of structural low-density concrete during vibration
    • Consolidation equipment and procedures
    • Floors
  • High-density concrete, p. 309R-29

    • General
    • Mixture requirements
    • Placing techniques
  • Self-consolidating concrete, p. 309R-29

    • General
  • Quality control and quality assurance, p. 309R-29

    • General
    • Adequacy equipment and procedures
    • Checking equipment performance
  • Consolidation of test specimens, p. 309R-31

    • Strength
    • Density
    • Air content
    • Consolidating very stiff concrete in laboratory specimens
  • Consolidation in congested areas, p. 309R-32

    • Common placing problems
    • Consolidation techniques
  • References, p. 309R-33

    • Referenced standards and reports
    • Cited references
  • Appendix-Fundamentals of vibration, p. 309R-35

    • A.1-Principles of simple harmonic motion
    • A.2-Action of a rotary vibrator
    • A.3-Vibratory motion in the concrete

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