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The home inspector does not evaluate the home for cost or value, but reports, in writing, the condition of the home's systems as they appear and operate at the time of the inspection. Understanding the background and procedures of home inspection can help you identify problems before they happen.

Construction Inspection Manual, 8th Edition - $76.95

Product Code: 9781557016423

ISBN: 9781557016423

Binding: Paperback

The updated 8th Edition of Construction Inspection Manual

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Public Works Inspector’s Manual, 7th Edition - $74.95

Product Code: 9781557016393

ISBN: 9781557016393

Binding: Paperback

The updated 7th Edition of Public Works Inspector's Manual

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The Complete Guide to Home Inspection - $24.95

Product Code: 9781627104807

ISBN: 9781627104807

Binding: Paperback

The most extensive examination of home inspection available!

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Report Writing for Code Inspectors - $22.95

Product Code: 9658S

ISBN: 9781494237837

Binding: Paperback

Report Writing for Code Inspectors covers basic principles for organizing and writing reports and much more!

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Structural Steel Inspector’s Workbook, 2014 Edition - $44.00

Product Code: 9314S14

ISBN: 9781609836009

Binding: Workbook

This Workbook draws questions from all the references you need to know!

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Fire and Life Safety Inspection Manual, 2012 Edition - $111.95

Product Code: 9781449670825

ISBN: 9781449670825

Binding: Paperback

Fully revised, the 2012 edition of the Fire and Life Safety Inspection Manual provides complete, practical guidance on how to evaluate the fire safety of buildings.

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ICC Model Program for Special Inspection: Based on 2009 IBC Chapter 17 - $20.00

Product Code: 9781580019118

ISBN: 9781580019118

Binding: Paperback

Essential guide for building officials on Section 1701 of the 2009 IBC

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Special Inspection Manual, 2012 - $49.95

Product Code: 4019s12


Binding: Paperback

The Special Inspection Manual gives detail to oversight and increased inspection requirements

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Inspector Skills - $24.95

Product Code: 7104S

ISBN: 9781609835163

Binding: Paperback

Inspector Skills aims to raise awareness of the importance of soft skills and to provide guidance toward recognizing and improving those skills

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Electrical Inspection Manual, 2014 Edition - $195.95

Product Code: 14NECCL

ISBN: 9781284041835

Binding: Spiralbound

Identifies important Code rules and provides guidance

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