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Electrical Design

Design, layout, and installation of residential, commercial, and industrial electrical systems must meet all the latest standards for safety and service. These publications give you the knowledge you need to meet these requirements.

Electrical Design of Commercial and Industrial Buildings - $135.95

Product Code: 9780763758288

ISBN: 9780763758288

Binding: Paperback/CD

A Hands-On Approach to Electrical Design

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Electrical System Design and Application Using Volts Software - $39.95

Product Code: 9780826918253

ISBN: 9780826918253

Binding: Paperback

This text introduces the learner to designing electrical systems

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Electrical Design Guide for Commercial Buildings - Print On Demand - $88.95

Product Code: 9780070119918

ISBN: 9780070119918

Binding: Hardcover

Electrical Design Guide for Commercial Buildings is the key to better, faster, and cheaper electrical design

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