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Conduit Bending

Most electricians still spend most of their time bending and installing conduit. There are several trigonometric functions that electricians must be aware of in order to make the calculations required. These manuals contain vital information necessary to save you time bending conduit.

Benfield Conduit Bending Manual, 2nd Edition - $22.95

Product Code: 5100

ISBN: 9780872885103

Binding: Spiralbound

Assure accuracy bending with any pipe, PVC, or tube bending tool.

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Ugly’s Conduit Bending - $30.95

Product Code: 9780763783143

ISBN: 9780763783143

Binding: Spiralbound

An ideal tool for electricians, contractors, instructors, and students

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Conduit Bending and Fabrication - $94.00

Product Code: 9780826912671

ISBN: 9780826912671

Binding: Paperback

Learn to bend electrical conduit with Conduit Bending and Fabrication

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Conduit Bending and Fabrication - Quick Reference Guide - $22.00

Product Code: 9780826912688

ISBN: 9780826912688

Binding: Paperback

A field guide for bending electrical conduit

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Benfield Conduit Bending (VHS) Video - $99.95

Product Code: 1061CBE


Binding: Video

Assure accurate, precise conduit bends - the first time!

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