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AWWA – American Water Works Association

With its broad base and proven expertise, the American Water Works Association (AWWA) is a powerful advocate for meeting public health needs of water quality and supply. Construction Book Express offers a wide variety of AWWA standards and manuals.

Lead and Copper Corrosion Control in New Construction - $201.95

Product Code: 9781605731377

ISBN: 9781605731377

Binding: Paperback

Learn how to control lead and copper corrosion before it starts

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Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 22nd Edition - $433.95

Product Code: 9780875530130

ISBN: 9780875530130

Binding: Hardcover

Stay up to date with the 22nd Edition of Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater!

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International Standard Units For Water And Wastewater Processes - $59.95

Product Code: 9781572782686

ISBN: 9781572782686

Binding: Paperback

The manual reflects current design practices of water and wastewater engineering professionals

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AWWA Standards Complete Set - $7,238.95

Product Code: 49000


Binding: Paperback

Contains the full set of all current AWWA Standards!

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AWWA M4 - Water Fluoridation Principles & Practices, Fifth Edition - $151.95

Product Code: 9781583213117

ISBN: 9781583213117

Binding: Paperback

Guidance on the use of fluoride in municipal drinking water supplies.

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AWWA M56 - Nitrification Prevention and Control in Drinking Water, Second Edition - $210.95

Product Code: 9781583219355

ISBN: 9781583219355

Binding: Paperback

Offers current and practical approaches to nitrification prevention.

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AWWA M52 - Water Conservation Programs: A Planning Manual - $167.95

Product Code: 9781583213919

ISBN: 9781583213919

Binding: Paperback

Water conservation planning guide for city water utilities.

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AWWA M61 - Desalination of Seawater - $182.95

Product Code: 9781583218334

ISBN: 9781583218334

Binding: Paperback

Provides technical and planning guidance for drinking water utilities operating, developing, or considering desalination facilities.

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AWWA M28 - Rehabilitation of Water Mains, Third Edition - $138.95

Product Code: 9781583219706

ISBN: 9781583219706

Binding: Paperback

Provides guidance on selecting the best water-main rehabilitation techniques for your water distribution system.

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AWWA M55 - PE Pipe Design and Installation - $167.95

Product Code: 9781583213872

ISBN: 9781583213872

Binding: Paperback

Provides users of PE pipe and fittings with design, specification, procurement, and installation!

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