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Sep 2 14
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Electrical Motor Controls Hardcover, Workbook and Answer Key Set, 4th Edition, 2009
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Electrical Motor Controls Hardcover, Workbook and Answer Key Set, 4th Edition, 2009

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Item #: 320-6440-08K
Publisher: American Technical Publishers
Manufacturer: American Technical Publishers
Format: Set
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The Electrical Motor Controls Hardcover, Workbook and Answer Key Set, 4th Edition, 2009 includes the following:

Electrical Motor Controls Hardcover, 4th Edition, 2009:

Electrical Motor Controls for Integrated Systems is the industry-leading reference that covers electrical, motor, and mechanical devices and their use in industrial control circuits. This textbook provides the knowledge and skills required in an advanced manufacturing environment that integrates mechanical, electrical, and fluid power systems. The content begins with basic electrical and motor theory, builds on circuit fundamentals, and reinforces comprehension through examples of industrial applications. Emphasis is placed on the development of troubleshooting skills throughout the book. 678pp.

Expanded content in this edition includes the following:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Electrical test tools and electrical test instruments
  • Electrical safety including NFPA® 70E, PPE, and arc flash and arc blast protection
  • Printreading
  • AC and DC motor drives
  • Motor installation and maintenance
Electrical Motor Controls for Integrated Systems covers the control devices used in modern industrial electrical systems. The devices, applications, and systems are chosen to represent the broad range of electrical uses found in different industries. The most common control devices and circuits, from motor starters to programmable controllers, are covered.

Each text contains a CD-ROM with Quick Quizzes™, an Illustrated Glossary, Flash Cards, Media Clips, an Applying Your Knowledge section, a Motor Control Library, and a link to These activities enhance the content to provide additional information and assessment.

Contents include:

  • Electrical Quantities and Circuits
  • Electrical Tools and Test Instruments
  • Electrical Safety
  • Electrical Symbols and Diagrams
  • Control Logic
  • Solenoids, DC Generators, and DC Motors
  • AC Generators, Transformers, and AC Motors
  • Power Distribution Systems
  • Contactors and Magnetic Motor Starters
  • AC and DC Motor Drives
  • Control Devices
  • Reversing Motor Circuits
  • Solid-State Devices and System Integration
  • Timing and Counting Functions
  • Relays and Solid-State Starters
  • Sensing Devices and Controls
  • Programmable Controllers
  • Reduced-Voltage Starting
  • Accelerating and Decelerating Methods
  • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Systems
  • Review Question Answer Key
  • Appendix
  • Glossary
  • Index

Prepare your students to succeed in these highly skilled positions:

  • Maintenance Mechanic
  • Electrician
  • Refrigeration Technician
  • Field Service Technician
  • Instrumentation Technician
  • Industrial Technician
  • Production Supervisor

Electrical Motor Controls Workbook, 4th Edition, 2009:

The Electrical Motor Controls Workbook provides worksheets for each major concept presented in the text. Typical applications and standard circuits provide the background required to work in the electrical field.

Electrical Motor Controls Answer Key, 4th Edition, 2009:

The Electrical Motor Controls Answer Key contains answers to all tests and activities presented in the Electrical Motor Controls Workbook.

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Electrical Motor Controls Hardcover, Workbook and Answer Key Set, 4th Edition, 2009
Item#: 320-6440-08K
Publisher: American Technical Publishers


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