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Jun 30 15
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CPM in Construction Management, 7th Edition
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CPM in Construction Management, 7th Edition

Build accuracy, speed, and flexibility into construction project scheduling!
Item #: 9780071636643
ISBN: 0071636641
ISBN13: 9780071636643
Author: Fredric L. Plotnick, James J. O'Brien
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Format: Hardcover
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List Price: $109.00

The 7th edition of CPM in Construction Management reference provides detailed, comprehensive coverage of the industry-dominating Primavera CPM software. This expansive reference also contains new example cases that bring readers up-to-date with today's construction situation. 736 pages.

This highly informative, practical book shows you how CPM:

  • Cuts costs in a one-person operation or the most complex multinational enterprise
  • Helps you stay on top of every aspect of complicated projects
  • Saves you big money in delay avoidance, accurate cost predictions, and claims reductions
  • Works--and how to make it work for you
  • Serves as the analytical tool of choice for evaluation, negotiation, resolution, and/or litigation of construction claims
  • Multiplies the effectiveness of your instincts, experience, and knowledge
  • Can be successfully implemented by properly utilizing the power of leading scheduling software products

This text also comes with unrestricted license to world-class software on the included CD-ROM--a $2000-retail-value! The combination of the instruction on CPM and the powerful, full-function Deltek Open Plan CPM software, you'll have everything you need to be ready for business now! There are no limits on the software for time for evaluation, number of activities, or usage.

The CD-ROM also comes with:

  • A computer-readable PDF of two sample CPM specifications: The critical path method (CPM) of planning and scheduling is a powerful tool for engineering and construction project design and management.
  • Links to download powerful software from Oracle (Primavera), Microsoft, and others
  • A PDF file of full-color and scalable copy for all screen shots in the text
  • Additional chapter on screen-by-screen instructions for classic Primavera P3 software

Table of Contents:

  • 1. Introduction to CPM Planning and Scheduling
  • 2. Project Control Systems Evolve in Academia
  • 3. Project Control Systems Evolve in the Marketplace
  • 4. Your New Tool-Read Before Using
  • 5. Network Construction
  • 6. The Durations of the Logic Network
  • 7. Output of Calculations
  • 8. Cranking the Engine
  • 9. Adding Complexity
  • 10. PDM and Precedence Networks
  • 11. Respecting the Power of PDM
  • 12. PERT, SPERT, and GERT
  • 13. RDM Networks Restore the Promise
  • 14. Overview of Prevalent Software Products
  • 15. Measure Twice--Cut Once
  • 16. Choosing Codes
  • 17. Acquiring Information to Initial Schedule
  • 18. Acquiring the Durations
  • 19. Specifying Restraints
  • 20. Example Project: The John Doe Project
  • 21. Equipment and Workforce Planning
  • 22. Procurement
  • 23. Preconstruction
  • 24. Evolution of the Project Schedule
  • 25. CPM and Cost Control
  • 26. Enterprise Scheduling
  • 27. Converting the Team Plan to the Calculated Schedule
  • 28. Engineer's Review of the Submitted Initial CPM
  • 29. Updating the Schedule
  • 30. Engineer's Review of the Submitted Update
  • 31. Revising the Logic Network
  • 32. Engineer's Review of the Submitted Revision
  • 33. Case Histories
  • 34. Specifying CPM
  • 35. CPM in Claims and Litigation
  • 36. Delay Analysis
  • 37. Disruption Analyses
  • 38. Other Claim Methods

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CPM in Construction Management, 7th Edition
Item#: 9780071636643
Publisher: McGraw-Hill


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