Wyoming Contractors License Exams

Wyoming Low Voltage General Technician

Sample Questions for the Wyoming Low Voltage General Technicians Exam

  1. The maximum allowable ampacity of size 18 AWG conductors suitable for a fire protection system is:
    1. 6 amps
    2. 8 amps
    3. 14 amps
    4. 18 amps
  2. Where ceiling heights allow, wall-mounted fire alarm signal devices shall have their tops at heights above the finished floors of not less than:
    1. 48 in.
    2. 60 in.
    3. 72 in.
    4. 90 in.
  3. A metal box with cable clamps contains two-(2) size 14 AWG, two conductor nonmetallic-sheathed cables with an equipment grounding conductor. Which of the following is the minimum allowable capacity of the box?
    1. 12 cu. in.
    2. 14 cu. in.
    3. 16 cu. in.
    4. 18 cu. in.
  4. Wiring which is installed to meet minimum requirements of the National Electrical Code is:
    1. adequate to meet future needs
    2. adequate for present needs
    3. always the most efficient wiring
    4. for all practical purposes safe & free from hazard
  5. The rating of the branch circuit overcurrent device supplying a low voltage wiring system is fifteen (15) amperes. The minimum allowable size equipment grounding conductor required for this dedicated circuit is:
    1. 14 AWG copper
    2. 14 AWG aluminum
    3. 12 AWG copper
    4. 10 AWG aluminum
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