Alabama Contractors License Exams

Alabama Journeyman Gas Fitter Contractor

Sample Questions for the Alabama Journeyman Gas Fitter Contractors Exam

  1. __________ is a popular form of piping developed in the 1920s to provide an alternative to iron piping in a variety of uses.
    1. Composite tubing
    2. Copper water tubing
    3. Rubber-based tubing
    4. PEX tubing
  2. Name the type of specialized fitting that is used to create flow through a branch piping path when mounted.
    1. Baseboard tees
    2. Diverter tees
    3. Dielectric unions
    4. Male threaded adapters
  3. For what purpose were gate valves designed specifically for?
    1. Component isolation
    2. Flow regulation
    3. Swing checks
    4. Lower pressure
  4. What is the ideal length of straight pipe that should be used on long runs to minimize couplings?
    1. 10 feet
    2. 6 feet
    3. 20 feet
    4. 25 feet
  5. Ideally, what type of mixing valve should be used with a conventional gas- or oil-fired boiler?
    1. Flowcheck mixing valve
    2. 3-port mixing valve
    3. Zone mixing valve
    4. 4-port mixing valve
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