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Jul 5 15
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AWWA D100-05: Welded Carbon Steel Tanks for Water Storage
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AWWA D100-05: Welded Carbon Steel Tanks for Water Storage

Learn the ins and outs of welded carbon steel tanks for the storage of water
Item #: 205-4100-05
Publisher: AWWA
Format: Looseleaf
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The purpose of this standard is to provide guidance to facilitate the design, manufacture, and procurement of welded carbon steel tanks for the storage of water. This standard does not cover all details of design and construction because of the large variety of sizes and shapes of tanks. Where details for any specific design are not given, it is intended that the constructor, subject to the approval of the purchaser, shall provide details that are designed and constructed to be adequate and as safe as those that would otherwise be provided under this standard.

This standard does not cover concrete steel composite tank construction. Section 1 covers general topics such as scope, definitions, guarantee, drawings to be furnished, and references. Section 2 discusses material specifications. Section 3 details general design. Section 4 addresses the sizing and design of elevated tanks. Accessories for elevated tanks are discussed in Section 5. Section 6 covers sizing of ground supported standpipes and reservoirs. Accessories for ground supported standpipes and reservoirs are detailed in Section 7. Sections 8 through 15 include welding, shop fabrication, erection, inspection and testing, foundation design, seismic design of water storage tanks, alternative design basis for standpipes and reservoirs, and structurally supported aluminum dome roofs, respectively.

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AWWA D100-05: Welded Carbon Steel Tanks for Water Storage
Item#: 205-4100-05
Publisher: AWWA


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