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Jul 6 15
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Architectural Drafting and Design, 6th Edition
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Architectural Drafting and Design, 6th Edition

The newly updated 6th Edition of Architectural Drafting and Design
Item #: 9781435481626
ISBN: 1435481623
ISBN13: 9781435481626
Author: Alan Jefferis, David Madsen, David P. Madsen
Publisher: Cengage
Format: Hardcover
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List Price: $162.95

Architectural Drafting and Design, 6th Edition is a must-have for all CAD operators and architectural drafters at any skill level. This comprehensive text comes has been updated, and provides the basics of residential design while using various types of projects that every architect or designer is likely to use during the actual design process.

The updates throughout the text reflect the most recent additions to the IBC and IRC. Coverage within the book includes information on architectural styles that have dominated the field for the last four centuries as well as basic design components that are related to structure and site. This book also provides a wealth of information for commercial drafting, construction and basic materials.

This invaluable resource has step-by-step instructions for the design and layout of each type of drawing that is associated with complete sets of architectural plans and projects to be completed by CAD or manual drawing methods. Readers will gain knowledge needed in order to complete the drawings required by most municipalities in order to obtain building permits for single-family residence.


  • Updated organization. The text is been streamlined from 47 to 45 chapters, giving the sixth edition an extremely thorough coverage of all facets of architectural drafting and design.
  • Includes fully up-to-date detailed color photos, CAD generated drawings, architectural sketches, detailed floor plans and other images that focus on key architectural design principles for increasing the comprehension of visual learners.
  • Showcases drawings and sketches professional drafters, architects, designers and engineers in order to provide alternative presentation method used within the industry.
  • Includes CD-ROM with supplemental chapter readings.

Table of Contents:

  • 1. Professionals Architectural Careers, Office Practice and Opportunities.
  • 2. Introduction to Construction Procedures.
  • 3. Architectural Drafting Equipment.
  • 4. Drafting Media and Reproduction Methods.
  • 5. Sketching Applications.
  • 6. Architectural Lines and Lettering.
  • 7. Computer-Aided Design and Drafting in Architecture.
  • 8. Construction Specifications.
  • 9. Guidelines and Required Codes that Affect Building Design.
  • 10. Room Relationships and Sizes.
  • 11. Exterior Design Factors.
  • 12. Conservation and Environmental Design and Construction.
  • 13. Site Orientation.
  • 14. Legal Descriptions and Site Plan Requirements.
  • 15. Site Plan Layout.
  • 16. Floor Plan Symbols.
  • 17. Floor Plan Dimensions and Notes.
  • 18. Floor Plan Layout.
  • 19. Electrical Plans.
  • 20. Plumbing Plans.
  • 21. Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning.
  • 22. Roof Plan Components.
  • 23. Roof Plan Layout.
  • 24. Introduction to Elevations.
  • 25. Elevation Layout and Drawing Techniques.
  • 26. Millwork and Cabinet Technology, Cabinet Elevations and Layout.
  • 27. Environmentally Friendly Framing Methods.
  • 28. Structural Components of Framed Construction.
  • 29. Design Criteria for Structural Loading.
  • 30. Sizing Joist and Rafters Using Span Tables.
  • 31. Determining Simple Beams.
  • 32. Drawing Framing Plans.
  • 33. Foundation Systems.
  • 34. Floor Systems and Foundation Support.
  • 35. Foundation Plan Layout.
  • 36. Sectioning Basics.
  • 37. Section Layout.
  • 38. Alternate Layout Techniques.
  • 39. Stair Construction and Layout.
  • 40. Fireplace Construction and Layout.
  • 41. Presentation Drawings.
  • 41. S1(On CD) Perspective Drawing Techniques.
  • 41. S2(On CD) Rendering Methods for Perspective Drawings.
  • 42. Building Codes and Commercial Design.
  • 43. Common Commercial Construction Materials.
  • 44. Commercial Construction Project Drawings.
  • 45. Structural Drafting.

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Architectural Drafting and Design, 6th Edition
Item#: 9781435481626
Publisher: Cengage


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